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About Us


Midnight Recovery & Towing is the choice repossession management company for the state of Colorado. With over 25 years of experience, our talented team is able to provide complete repossession solutions for large-scale operations, mom/pop shops, apartment complexes, construction sites, financial institutions, private properties, and more.

Since our inception, we have strived to exceed our customers’ needs. As a result, our reputation is unmatched, and we regularly retain long-term commitments to our clients. Additionally, we are fortunate to have a complete national network of reliable, contracted recovery agencies to perform additional repossession services as needed.

Midnight Recovery & Towing guarantees our work, and will provide: 

·        Damage-Free Recovery & Transport Services

·        Detailed & Timely Updates

·        Service in a Standard Coverage Area & Contingent to Resolution

·        Competitive Rates for Storage, Transport & Mileage Fees

·        Services Within Compliance of all Local, State, and Federal Regulations

·        Certification from a Collateral Recovery Training Program

o   C.A.R.S., RSIG & CCRS are accepted

·        Complete Insurance Coverage

o   With ARS as Additionally Insured and Certificate Holder

All of our business partners can rest assured that the property we collect will be done so in a timely, efficient, and mindful manner. At Midnight Recovery & Towing, we truly possess the expertise and consideration you can trust.

If you would like more information, email us at

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